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palm oil-free shopping guide

Our palm oil-free shopping guides are designed to help you to reduce your palm oil consumption.

​​Our palm oil-free shopping guide (pdf) ​lists a wide range of palm oil-free supermarket products. Discover what products you can add to your shopping list.

You can also download our handy buy palm oil-free wallet card (pdf) and use it when you shop. It lists the names and likely names for palm oil, so you can identify other products that are palm oil-free. 

If you'd like printed copies, pick some up when you're next at the Zoo, or email us, and we'll post some out.


Labelling laws in New Zealand and Australia do not require palm oil to be identified. Only three vegetable oils must be labelled in food products in New Zealand and Australia (due to allergies): peanut, sesame and soybean oil.

All other vegetable oils can be labelled generically as vegetable oil, including palm oil. A good indication that the oil used in product is palm oil is when the fat content is stated as being more than 25%.

It is also worth noting that palm oil is broken down into many derivatives and used in a large range of products. Our handy buy palm oil-free wallet card (pdf) lists all the names and likely names for palm oil, and is great to use when you're out shopping.

Certified sustainable

Sustainable palm oil means rainforests have not been recently cleared and biodiversity has not been harmed.

There are some certified sustainable palm oil plantations, but they only account for around 4% of the world's palm oil. Additionally, this 4% cannot be traced back to the plantation that produced it, so there is currently no truly sustainable palm oil available.

Demand is increasing at up to 10% every year, so it is up to consumers to put pressure on manufacturers to source sustainable alternatives, or prove that they obtain their palm oil from 100% certifiably sustainable sources.

At present, being a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) - an industry led group, not an independent body - is still not a 100% guarantee that palm oil is from a sustainable source, but it's a start.

Palm oil is quick to grow, cheap to make, and cheap to buy. This causes devastating effects to the environment.

Click here to find out more about the RSPO.

Helping you shop

Our palm oil-free shopping guide (PDF) contains products known to be palm oil-free. As we research more products, we'll add them in.

We have done everything we can to check that all the products listed here are palm oil-free. However, because there's currently no legal requirement for palm oil or its derivatives to be labelled on product packaging in New Zealand, it can be a challenge! And it's complex, with lots of derivatives listed differently.

If we have anything wron​g, please just let us know.​​​


Use our palm oil-free guides to help you reduce your palm oil consumption. It will make a difference!​

​​Contribute to our guide

We welcome your help in maintaining this guide, which has been compiled by zoo staff in their spare time, systematically going down supermarket aisles checking labels item by item, as well as contacting manufacturers.

Please help us by letting us know of palm oil-free items to add to it.

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