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Auckland Zoo

Strategic plan

Auckland Zoo is an active conservation organisation that is helping to build a future for wildlife.

Keeper Emma with cheetah at Auckland Zoo

our vision

A future where people value wildlife and species are safe from extinction.

our mission​

To bring people together to build a future for wildlife.​​​​

Who we are​​​

At Auckland Zoo we care for and conserve wildlife. We see the natural world as irreplaceable and full of wonder and the world's wildlife in need of our help.

We believe that, through greater understanding and a sense of connection, people will value the world's wildlife and commit to ensuing its future.

We work together, with our colleagues and our communities, to foster discovery of the natural world, inspire action for wildlife and create hope for its future. We lead by example, with optimism, with expertise and with passion. 

And we do so having confid​ence that we can all make a difference.​​

What we do

​Caring for wildlife

  • ​​We manage the animals in our care in ways that ensure their well-being and that help conserve species.

  • We support research to improve the science of wildlife management.

Inspiring our community to value wildlife

  • ​​We deliver experiences that touch people, connect them with nature and inspire them to care about wildlife.

  • We provide unique learning opportunities to build understanding of wildlife within our community.

Conserving wildlife in wild places

  • ​​​W​e use zoo resources and expertise to help conserve wildlife in wild places.

  • We encourage and empower our community to care for and protect wildlife through their own actions.

Developing a high performance organisation

  • ​We continue to strengthen our organisation by investing in our people, caring for our visitors, securing a sustainable financial base, developing our facilities and minimising our environmental footprint.

How we work

Our animals
  • In everything we do, we manifest care for wildlife.

  • At all times, and in all instances, the needs, interests and welfare of our animals is our primary consideration.​

Our visitors

  • We work to understand what our visitors value, need and expect, and to provide experiences that deliver on, or exceed, these expectations.

  • We aim to ensure the zoo visitor experience is positive and authentic, leaving visitors feeling encouraged and infused with enthusiasm.

Our people​

  • ​The key to our success is through empowering and developing our people - staff and volunteers.

  • We encourage in our people excellence through collaboration, mutual respect and recognition of our successes.​

  • 10-year plan

    Celebrating the next ten years at Auckland Zoo.

  • Strategic Plan

    For a PDF of the Auckland Zoo strategic plan, download below:

Auckland Zoo

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